Since Parkinson disease is a progressive disease of the central nervous system, it's important to understand that massage will not cure it. It will, however, help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Massage can help loosen stiff muscles and tight joints. It can also ease depression.

The Touch Institute of Miami teamed up with Duke University to do a study on the effects of massage therapy on Parkinson's. 16 adults with the condition participated in the study. Half were given muscle relaxation exercises to do twice a week for 30 minutes and the other half were given massage twice a week for 30 minutes. While both groups showed improvement, the ones that received the massage showed a greater improvement in sleep, greater ease moving around doing the day and increased dopamine levels.

Swedish massage, geriatric massage, Alexander technique, CranioSacral therapy and Esalen massage are all types of massage therapy that can be done on people with this disease.

Make sure to let you doctor know if you plan to receive massage as it can have an effect on your medication.

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